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NOW HAVE A NEW LEGAL SPLODER: AVALANCHEL$. GRID-WIDE POT TRACKED! NO RANDOM numbers used & fully compatible with Linden Anti-Gambling Policy. Is ideal for clubs and bars. Can put any number of AvalancheL$s you want in your place and set different sum for entry on each one, and you will have more entries function at each player money have.

AvalancheL$ is like a sploder but no random winners! The big winner will be the last entry (60% of the pot). You are not the last entry? No problem: the last but one wins 25% of the pot! You are not even this? You will win a consolation prize of 15% of the pot! Last 3 entries win all the time. Be in competition to be the last entry when the time countdown to zero.
Enyone can enter as many times he want to be the last person entered !!!
That will be the avalanche. All players will try to be the last entry !!!
And you have life time upgrade !!!
No need to play a number of times before the AvalancheL$ will be registered in tracker WEB page. The registration in WEB page for your AvalancheL$ is done instant when you razz the AvalancheL$ and a message to the owner will confirm the registration.

You own an AvalancheL$? Now everyone will see when it play and how much is the pot !!! And people love to now this and where can play!

Have fun flower

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