The ADVERTISING is started !!!

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The ADVERTISING is started !!!

Post  Admin on Sat Oct 13, 2007 4:47 pm

From today the Advertising is open.
Any owner of an AvalancheL$ or a GigaSPLODER who is in TOP 3 Pots or TOP 3 PLAYS can advertise in the listing page maximum 255 characters (text) for FREE.
Any owner of an AvalancheL$ or a GigaSPLODER who IS NOT in TOP 3 of any top also can advertise, but an advertise massage is 100L$ per week.
How can post the advertise message?
- You must send the message to the admin of the forum and specify yours the SL name,
- Or send a PM in SL to Theodor Ferraris with the advertising message. Even Th. Ferraris is not online, your message will be received in Real World and will be posted on the site.
Also, we intend to start an image advertising mode. So, visit this forum to find when and how.

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